How to Help Your Parents Remember Their Medication

Medication management can be challenging at any age. For those who may have dementia or have difficulty with day-to-day tasks, keeping up with several prescriptions can be challenging at best.

A skilled nursing home, like Brook Stone, can go a long way toward keeping your parents safe and healthy by assisting them with medication management.

Here are some signs your parents may not be taking medication as directed.

Is Mom or Dad Taking Their Medicine? Look for These Signs

The Medicine Bottle

Let’s get the first and most obvious out of the way. If the medicine bottles still have 30 days worth of medicine by the middle of the month, it’s obvious that the medication isn’t being taken as directed.

Many lay out their medicines for the week into a pill organizer. Check it to make sure that they are all being taken, and taken as directed.

Are Their Symptoms Returning?

If your parents are taking medicine to combat a health condition, be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of their condition returning. However, be aware that some diseases, such as diabetes, may not have any obvious, outward signs.

Their Lab Work Is Irregular

Your parents should be working closely with their doctor and having regular lab and blood work. If these are not showing the positive results that they once were, speak with them and their doctors.

Are They Showing Signs of Dementia?

Dementia is not the same as forgetfulness. Dementia is a progressive disease that will make them more likely to fail to take their medication as directed .

How Can You Help Your Parents Manage Their Medication?

There are some steps you can take to help make sure your parents are taking their meds.

Read the Labels and Create a Guide

It helps to create a “master list” of all the medications they’re taking and when they are supposed to take them. Make it easy to read and in large print. Review it with them to be sure they understand it, and place it in a central location with their medication.

Talk to Them

If you’re worried, you should mention it to them. Perhaps they can even work with you to devise a suitable plan going forward!

By letting them know your concern, you’re showing them that you care. This will also encourage them to take an active role in their wellness.

Look for Outside Options, Like an Extended Care Facility

Communities like Brook Stone specialize in helping those who need it manage their medications. Perhaps it may be time for them to take advantage of the services offered by an extended care facility.

How You Can Be Sure Your Parents Are Taking Their Medication

It’s challenging. Having senior parents who need closer care can be an exhausting endeavor that takes you out of your role as son or daughter. You can’t monitor them 24/7. In many cases, it may be difficult to juggle your schedule to check with them every day.

That’s where we can help.

At Brook Stone, our skilled living community means that mom or dad will have a qualified, compassionate staff on hand to manage medication. We also have access to some of the best physicians in the region.

If your loved one needs additional assistance or you need the peace of mind knowing they are taking their medications as prescribed, please contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule a virtual tour for you. Our spaces fill quickly, so please contact us today!