Top Reasons to Choose Brook Stone for Skilled Nursing Care

There are several skilled nursing care facilities near you that will claim to have stellar service and a great environment.

But we take this a step further.

You see, treating you and your loved one like family is ingrained into our philosophy of care. It’s not just what we do—it’s who we are.

You may even have questions about what is skilled nursing care. Don’t worry, we’ll tackle this topic along with the top reasons you should select Brook Stone for your parent, grandparent or spouse.

What Is Skilled Nursing Care?

Let’s say your grandmother is unable to care for herself any more. She also has heart disease and diabetes which demand constant care and monitoring. Skilled nursing care is a good solution.

Through skilled nursing care, a staff of dedicated nurses and nursing assistants care for your loved one around the clock. They provide needed medical treatments and assistance with dressing, bathing and other tasks of daily living.

Our skilled nursing community also features rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and cognitive therapy.

Top Reasons to Choose Brook Stone for Skilled Nursing Care

We’re Family Owned and Operated

Some skilled nursing facilities are part of larger corporate conglomerates. They can make you feel like you’re just a small part of a cold, unfeeling system.

For Brook Stone, nothing can be further from the truth.

We’re a family run business, and it shows in our personalized care and dedication to both residents and their families.

We’re Minutes Away From the Gorgeous Coastal Town of New Bern, NC

If you’re ready for a short outing or you’d like to see the local hotspots when you’re in town visiting grandma, there’s a wealth of activities at your fingertips.

New Bern, NC, is nestled on the banks of the Trent and Neuse rivers. It’s a tourist haven, offering the best in dining, shopping and incredible scenery. It’s also home to Tryon Palace, a North Carolina treasure.

We Have a Variety of Activities Available

We know that bingo isn’t for everyone.

That’s why our slate of events offers something different for everyone, whether it’s popcorn and a movie or board games.

Perhaps you have an interest you don’t see on our list of activities. Let us know about it! We will do whatever we can to accommodate your hobbies.

We Truly Treat Our Residents as Members of Our Own Family

There are some things that are difficult to explain.

They are more than an event or building or even medical treatment.

We believe that one of those things is a sense of family. You’ll get a sense of it as soon as you set foot at Brook Stone.

We will treat your loved one as if they were our own parent or grandparent. We truly do enjoy caring for our residents, and it shows! See why so many enjoy living at Brook Stone.

We Offer Convenient Virtual Tours

While we can’t offer in-person tours at this time, we do offer the easy convenience of virtual tours, where you can visit our facility without having to leave your own living room!

Simply contact us to get one started.

We Also Feature Assisted Living

So you’re not ready for skilled nursing care but you’re tired of the headaches that come with home ownership. Maybe you wish you just had a helping hand for mundane, everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning.

Assisted living offers a solution.

You’ll have your own spacious room where you’ll be able to live as independently as safely possible.

And when you need to have skilled nursing care, you can easily transition to one of our skilled nursing rooms without having to leave and find another facility.

Discover Why Our Residents Love Calling Brook Stone Home

Of course, this list is merely scratching the surface.

We haven’t even told you about our delicious home-cooked meals or our rehabilitation services.

But we think you’ll enjoy learning more about what we have to offer.

It’s as simple as making a phone call—just contact us to get started.

At Brook Stone, we’ll take care of your spouse, parent or grandparent so you can move from the role of caregiver back to your role as son, daughter, grandchild or spouse.

Hurry, spaces fill quickly.