How We’re Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe During COVID-19

The safety and well-being of our residents and our staff’s families remain our number one priority. As the COVID-19 situation transforms and develops, we will adjust our policies accordingly.

Changing COVID-19 Protocols

It’s important to realize that these protocols may change depending upon the latest COVID-19 mandates. While we strive to maintain the most recent information on our website, frequently changing COVID mandates may cause our protocols to adapt.

However, we will always comply with State and Federal guidelines as our top priority is our residents’ and staff’s safety.

If you have any questions, you can visit the North Carolina Department of Humans Services’ COVID-19 page for Long-Term Care Facilities.

All of our guidelines are created to comply with the most recent state regulations and requirements.

What We’re Doing at Brook Stone to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

1. Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

We are continuing to step up our already robust infection prevention practices. As per COVID-19 protocols, we’re doing additional cleaning and sanitizing.

2. Temperature & COVID Testing

We check each resident’s temperature twice a day. All staff and healthcare workers are screened prior to starting work each shift and wear face masks while on duty.

If a resident does have COVID, they will be isolated from other members of the community.

3. Visitors and Special Events

We are allowing visitors back into the building unless they are symptomatic. This includes families, friends, as well as church groups, and other special guests. We are also resuming our regular community activities. We will follow the same screening procedures for all guests by checking their temperatures upon entry. If you are feeling symptomatic, please do not visit.

We do not require visitors to be vaccinated.

4. Offering Virtual and In-Person Tours

We are still offering virutal tours, however, we do encourage you to come view our beautiful facility in person. We would love to show you around.

5. Employees and Residents Are Vaccinated

Our staff vaccination rate is over 90%, and our residents are 95% vaccinated.

6. We Are Using Two Entrances

This can help us maintain a safe community.

Where You Can Find Reliable Information

To be sure you’re getting the latest, most accurate COVID-19 updates, it’s vital to get your information from a reliable source.

We recommend:

Know the Facts About COVID-19

We’d also like to take this time to review some important information you need to know about COVID-19 from the Centers for Disease Control.

● You can spread COVID-19 even if you aren’t showing any symptoms.
● When you wear a mask, make sure that it covers both your nose and mouth.
● To reduce your chances of getting COVID, stay 6 feet apart from others and avoid crowds when possible.
● Wash your hands often and do so correctly.

o This means using soap and water for 20 seconds.
o If soap and water isn’t available, use hand sanitizer.
o It’s important to wash your hands after you’ve been in a public place.

There are also a lot of myths circulating about COVID. We encourage you to take a look at this “mythbuster” web page from the World Health Organization that sets the record straight.

How Is COVID-19 Different From the Flu?

It can be confusing to tell the difference between COVID and the flu. After all, they both have similar symptoms. They are both contagious illnesses that affect the respiratory system. However, they are caused by different viruses.

In many cases, a test is needed in order to confirm whether someone has COVID or the flu.

COVID spreads more easily than the flu. In some people, it can cause more serious illnesses.

Another difference between COVID and the flu is that with COVID, it can take longer before people actually show symptoms of the disease. This means they can be contagious for an extended period of time.

The COVID-19 Vaccine and What it Means For You

We are happy to know that the Centers for Disease Control has deemed residents and staff members of assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and other long-term care communities as some of those at the top of the priority list for COVID-19 vaccination distribution.

We firmly believe that vaccination for both our residents and employees is the best way to combat the spread of the coronavirus. We realize that we work with a vulnerable population, and just as we would care for our own family members, we’re showing this same courtesy to our residents.

We will follow all protocols for vaccination distribution as outlined by the CDC and other government health care authorities.

In the meantime, we will continue to implement all of our mandates–such as wearing masks, disinfecting areas and maintaining social distance when possible—to keep our residents safe.

We Want to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

This means washing your hands often. Taking precautions when out in public. Quarantining if you believe that you may have been exposed to COVID.

We are always keeping abreast of the latest developments—information on COVID may change as we learn more—but rest assured we will always adjust our policies and procedures as needed to protect those whom we consider members of our Brook Stone family.