Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing—Which is the Right Choice?

When those you love are no longer safe to live by themselves, you will be faced with a choice of finding a quality community, such as Brook Stone, for them.

But while there is no question that they need assistance with daily living, the question remains: do they need a skilled nursing facility (sometimes called an SNF) or assisted living?

We’ll take you through these options step-by-step so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living (sometimes referred to as ALF) is a type of long-term care community where residents still live independently but can have help if needed. This may include assistance with bathing, dressing or managing medication.

One of the advantages of assisted living is that many of the mundane tasks of everyday living are taken care of for them. This means they don’t have to worry about cooking, maintenance or other chores.

What Is Skilled Nursing Care?

Skilled nursing care takes things one step further. It’s appropriate for those who have chronic or serious health conditions that severely limit their ability to take care of themselves.

This may include conditions such as congestive heart failure, COPD and complications related to chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Skilled nursing (SNF) is also appropriate for those who need 24/7 nursing care and assistance such as IV medications, respiratory therapy or a ventilator.

Temporary skilled nursing care may be needed for those who are recovering from a joint replacement and need extensive rehabilitation before going home.

Which Is the Right Choice for My Loved One?

We realize this is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly.

By simply speaking with one of our representatives and answering a few questions, we can help you determine which care would be most appropriate.

Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing—Which is the Right Choice?

Some aspects to consider are:

The Level of Independence Your Parent or Grandparent Needs

If it’s only assistance with bathing or dressing, assistive living care may be the answer. This is perfect for those who can maintain a level of independence.

However, if they are mainly limited to their bed and have difficulty walking or standing up, then skilled nursing care should be considered.

Their Ability to Participate in Events

As mentioned earlier, for those who need help with simple activities such as going to the bathroom or getting dressed, assistive living may be all that is needed. In this scenario, there are still several things your loved one can do on their own. This may mean participation in scheduled events or outings such as those offered at Brook Stone

However, if your loved one’s abilities make them unable to participate in the most basic events, it’s time to talk to us about skilled nursing care.

Their Need for Nursing Care

Those in assisted living may need help managing medications or monitoring chronic diseases, but overall, they do not need 24/7 care.

However, if your parent or grandparent needs to be closely monitored and attended by nursing professionals throughout the day, they are best suited for a skilled nursing facility.

At Brook Stone, We Will Walk You Through This Decision

The well-being and health of your loved one is our highest priority, and we want to assure you that whether they need assisted living or skilled nursing, Brook Stone is ready to serve them.

One of the advantages of our community is that we have assisted living as well as skilled nursing beds. This means if your loved one is in assisted living but gradually needs a higher level of care, they can be easily transitioned into our skilled nursing services.

Explore the wide range of services we offer, which include skilled nursing rehab. Simply contact us today for the information you need.